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Maybe Im just crazy enough to love him.. WHY NOT?

So yesterday was fun. Chris and I went biking Hahaha that was fun funn. We scored a shitty sack then munched out hidden park swinging contest then picked up my brother from his girl friends house. Yesterday was an alright day.

I stil miss him so much. Fuck.. It doesnt seem right that Ive got what I need and what I should want. But I can't stop. Thinking about it. Him. And its not fair to Chris.. Which is the worst part. That Im with him but thinking about someone else. Ugh. What the fuck do I do. But Im not being fair. Cause I chose to listen to his dirty mouth.

I got tested a pap smear and put on birth control. Birth control cause I have a hardcore mestral cycle. and tested because I have had sex before. and sorry for the explaination.. I just.. I dont know.. Hahaha And a pap smear just because. Haha "Hey why not?" Haahah..

I made up with Ashli which is good. I don't really like haveing shit with people. But I went out with Chris even tho I knew Diana liked him. Ugh. Im so fucked up. And I have pills for that but I cant find them. Ugh. Fuck shit piss. I gotta get outta here.

"It doesnt seem fair that your wicked words should work at holding me down"
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