♪ You Enjoy Myself ♪ (phishtearsitup) wrote,
♪ You Enjoy Myself ♪

Im undecided about you, again

ugggggh everything sucks. I gotta get outta here. this is bullshit. i gotta write some more songs.. they always come out good when i feel so strong. fuuck. so i shouldnt have hung out with Rigo. its double sided cause i ruined it all. if i could change time id go back to middle school transpher to hornado and protect evan from everything. cause then maybe he could have protected me too. i wish he didnt hurt i wish that all the bad would leave him and i would take it all. and a lot of people say and wish that but i really mean it. and .. i donno.. i need him back. i cant do this. i cant.
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